The story behind Belarus gas

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Belarus received financial aid to settle its debt to Gazprom from Azerbaijan, Belarussian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during an interview on Euronews, RIA-Novosti reports.
"I approached [Azerbaijan President] Ilkham Aliyev and within 24 hours, even less, he lent me $200 million, of which we used $187 million to pay Gazprom", Lukashenko said.
Since June 21, Gazprom has been limiting supplies of gas to Belarus over a debt Minsk owes the Russian monopoly.
In the course of two days, the cuts affected 60 percent of supplies. Gazprom executives stated that Minsk owed about $190 million since it paid less than stipulated in its contracts. Belarus requested two weeks to make the payment, but Gazprom demanded immediate payment.

Thanks to reader Tomaz for this!

What happened to the other $13 million?  And do they have any spare going?

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