No Hot Air Live in London Thursday July 8

Here's one for the calendar.  Thanks to National Grid for the invite to No Hot Air to speak in London on Thursday July 8

National Grid is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its 10th annual industry seminar “TBE 2010: Powering Ahead” on Thursday 8th July 2010, as part of its Transporting Britain’s Energy (TBE) consultation process.
The next decade will bring unprecedented changes to the energy landscape within the UK. There are ambitious renewable energy targets, as well as considerable uncertainty regarding the level of UK gas demand going forward and the future gas supply makeup.
The event will be chaired by Alison Kay, National Grid’s Commercial Director, Transmission. In addition to National Grid’s latest forecasts, the event will focus on:
• UK Renewable Energy Strategy • Global and European supply / demand • LNG going forward • Alternative energy futures • Regulatory developments
To register please e-mail:   
Attendance at this event is free.

The location is One Great George Street London SW1P 3AA

My subject will be Shale Gas: What Now? What Next? I'll be on at 13.55.  Full agenda as soon as I have one. There's been a history of interesting and informed views from some of the leading UK and European energy experts over the years at this event but only last year I tried to explain to any number of journalists about shale and got nowhere.  This year, judging from other events that I've been to in London recently on energy, everyone has heard of shale but wants to hear more.

Shale Gas,No Hot Air live, great energy news and a free lunch in a fantastic location: What are you waiting for?

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