Still living to tell the tale

A quick note to point out that despite this from September, I have made it to the end of 2017, barring any acts of God or buses.

The treatment has  halved the tumours  so far, and as of yesterday, I have a couple of months off until February.

Thanks to the few who donated, and even those who didn’t but took the time to contact me, that was a great help.  Thanks most of all to my family and doctors.

But it hasn’t been easy.  To be perfectly honest it has been awful. I can rarely do anything for more than 2 hours at a time, and I hate to say it but I can see how those not lucky enough to have support like my wife and kids would have given up long ago.  Almost every day is a struggle,  which explains why I have to concentrate behind the scenes on London Local Energy.  I’ve snuck out a couple of times most recently  to Prospex earlier this month, I’ll put the presentation up one of these days.

You might think me very active due to Twitter, but Twitter is the perfect medium for short bursts of opinion and self education. I try to control myself, but if I’ve occasionally crossed the line, cut a still, if slower, dying man some slack.

I’m glad to report that UK shale will be in fine form during 2018 and I expect to be vindicated. It would be nice to live to see it, but for now, I’m going six months at a time.

Thanks everyone, if I stop Tweeting, then you can start to panic and so can I.

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