London Local Energy to Mayor Khan

People have asked whether this story concerns me:

Sadiq Khan will in effect ban fracking in London – and warns that extracting shale gas represents a toxic health risk.

In a controversial move, the London mayor will set out in plans to be published this week that councils across the capital should block the exploration, appraisal or production of shale gas via hydraulic fracturing, which sees rocks blasted with water to release the gas.

The answer is not at all. Apart from the fact that the Mayor doesn’t have any legal input into the decision making process, and that he is obviously only informed by the usual suspects, all 318 of them, the breathless Guardian story of Sunday didn’t even make it to Wednesday when the London Plan was published.

The plan is mostly a  huge wish list, of over 500 pages. It won’t be finalised until September 2019, and only mentions fracking once.  To consider that it is official London policy is yet another case of wishful thinking on antis’ part, not reality.

I wrote this to the Mayor. I refuse to apologise and I certainly am not panicking.

Mayor Sadiq Khan November 28 2017
City Hall
London SE1 2AA
Dear Mr Mayor
London Local Energy would like to comment on your proposals to ban “fracking” in London
1: “Fracking” is yesterday’s breakthrough and today’s mainstream method of accessing natural gas resources that would have previously would have been undiscovered.  It’s safety is attested to by it’s success in the US, land of the free and home of the lawsuit.  Anyone at Lloyds’s of London will confirm that there has never been a single penny paid out for gas related damage to public water supplies either in the US or any other location. If US tort lawyers have been unable to discover any alleged damage, we are confused as to the reliability of any information to the contrary.
2: UK onshore gas resources are Crown property. Any future debate must consider the interests of the many who own natural gas onshore, not the few, both in London, and among our 65 million co-owner fellow citizens.
3: Three million London households use natural gas for central heating and 600 new or replacement gas heating boiler are installed every day in London. Natural gas often generates over 50% of London’s electricity. Having noted this, we see no competition between natural gas and any other fuel except coal. Our proposals will be between high CO2/zero revenue gas imports and resources under our feet.
4. LLE, a company with families resident in London, fails to see any possible economic benefit accruing to us from damaging our mutual air and water resources.
We will be happy to engage with you in the future based on the technology of the time. Banning today’s technology means that you propose to ban the iPhone1 and any discussion based on the past would likely be pointless,
But London Local Energy is proudly unapologetic for proposing how a single extra small sized crane on the London skyline, could over the course of six to nine months produce the following benefits:
  1. Gas produced in London will be the lowest carbon footprint natural gas on earth saving aa minimum of one million tons of CO2, for London, and our planet. For this we refuse to apologise
  2. The national tax revenue from each site could produce £750 million over ten years at current prices. For this we refuse to apologise
  3. Annual business rates from a single site will be 100% earmarked for the borough it is located in, and will be at least £2 million today For this we refuse to apologise
We are happy to engage with you at any time. The events of June 23 2016 confirmed to us that binary choices are unwise and an energy debate based on facts and science as well as feelings would provide better outcomes

All best regards

Nick Grealy

CEO London Local Energy

Two further things to note.  Not one of our great British journalists bothered to contact me, which may mean they’re the usual recyclers of FoE PR releases.

Or it means that nobody cares. I incline towards the latter.

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