Looking, and failing, to find the industrialised landscape of UK onshore

In Yorkshire, Louise Hammond is so concerned  that  shale will industrialise the landscape that she traveled to Lancashire and got arrested there  to prevent it.

Back home,  Louise Hammond posted this video this week where she sets out four miles from home to discover the existing impact  of gas wells


The video shows that neither she nor Ian R Crane could even find the well pad.  This does seem rather bizarre.  She’s protesting something that even she can’t discover?!

Here’s a picture for the next time.

Ian R Crane is a firm believe in fruitcake science, but even he is scratching his head and looking at the map stretched out on the car hood, unaware that he is about 20 meters away.  He is wacky enough that he may think  Google are using some sort of alien technology cloaking device.

For myself, I can only say that Google Maps algorithms must have been written by a great comedian. For some reason the Pickering well pad is classified as an ATM.  Not a hole in the wall, just simply  a hole in the ground that money flows out of.

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