No Hot Air sets the water on fire.

Antis all over Europe can rejoice. No Hot Air admits that you can light water on fire in Pennsylvania. How about a barbecue to celebrate?  I know just the place.

Sixteen miles away from Carter Road in Dimock at Salt Springs State Park,  as throughout the Marcellus Shale, methane in water is far less an explosive or excting topic. Methane has migrated naturally into water from a very long time. As this from the days of George Washington shows, it’s been so well known that they can’t even pin it on coal mines, let alone fracking. If methane is naturally present in water even at surface, drilling a domestic water well is fairly likely to have this biogenic methane within it too. But if the first time you ever saw tap water on fire was watching Gasland blame it on fracking, and you stopped there, one can see how easy it would be to reach an opposite conclusion. But for harassed journaliststs it’s much more exciting, and far easier, to print photos of that in the papers than to actually investigate something. 

Maybe this is why they call it natural gas? Duh!

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