London Local Energy to Mayor Khan

People have asked whether this story concerns me:

Sadiq Khan will in effect ban fracking in London – and warns that extracting shale gas represents a toxic health risk.

In a controversial move, the London mayor will set out in plans to be published this week that councils across the capital should block the exploration, appraisal or production of shale gas via hydraulic fracturing, which sees rocks blasted with water to release the gas.

The answer is not at all. Apart from the fact that the Mayor doesn’t have any legal input into the decision making process, and that he is obviously only informed by the usual suspects, all 318 of them, the breathless Guardian story of Sunday didn’t even make it to Wednesday when the London Plan was published.

The plan is mostly a  huge wish list, of over 500 pages. It won’t be finalised until September 2019, and only mentions fracking once.  To consider that it is official London policy is yet another case of wishful thinking on antis’ part, not reality. Continue reading London Local Energy to Mayor Khan