Cuadrilla goes Ghostbusters: We ain’t scared of no ghosts

There are two sides to the theory that UK opposition to shale gas makes the development of an industry problematic. Interestingly, many on either the “conventional wisdom”  and the noisy, tiny and increasingly irrelevant opposition are both stuck in the same rut.

The rut derives from Britain’s favourite place, living in the past.  UK shale has had dual curses, both surrounding experts opinion of the the past.  Shale simply moves too fast.

Something is going to happen soon in UK shale, something wonderful.  But it’s going to happen from 2018 reality not the outdated concepts of the past.  Things have changed.  Yet both opponents and proponents are stuck in the past,  fighting the battles often epitomised by the events in Balcombe in 2013. That’s ridiculous. Lets recall that the number one fear, according to the equally out of date BEIS Social Attitude Tracker Survey, surrounds the surface impact or industrialisation of the countryside. That fear is held by over 60% of opponents.

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