How Diesel Makes Us Mutants

dieselsdeviousdeedThe VW scandal is going to have some interesting fallout. In the US particularly, diesel cars were marketed as a green alternative to the 99% who can’t afford Teslas. In Europe, outside of Germany where it sometimes seems that plain vanilla Mercedes sold anywhere else morphed into BlueTec and the like, greens, and most everyone else have the option many Americans don’t possess, of living in comfortable cities and town well supplied with affordable buses, trams, metros and bike paths. Thus the fallout will be different in Europe as we understand more clearly in places like London and Paris that the true fallout is from diesel air pollution. Can this be the kick we need to see that in the five percent of vehicles that drive forty percent of miles (buses, taxis, delivery fleets, garbage trucks), natural gas is the answer ?

Time here to give the podium over again to Rudolf Huber, Methanist, Pit Bull of LNG and Vienna’s reporter on the international gas revolution for almost as long as me and the folks over at Natural Gas Now. Greens like to scare people.This turns the tables for once.

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Shale gas and children’s health: A surprising fact

1397367143000-WhippleA site I visited in Washington Township in Wyoming County Pennsylvania last week addressed multiple concerns about shale gas, concerns shared over 3600 miles away in London and Lancashire, and only forty miles away in New York State, the jurisdiction hailed by fracking opponents worldwide as an exemplar to follow.

For one example, New York State officials used the BBC to warn Lancashire over one of the prime fears of fracking opponents:

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A peek into the shale gas future. If we want it.

2168.35a07a97b5c1fd8c720b5062f40f6d7eInstead of the interminable debate over what onshore shale gas and oil exploration might, or might not, look like in Europe, I made a trip last week to Wyoming and Susquehanna counties in Pennsylvania to look at it from another angle. What are the medium to long term effects on local communities of the US shale revolution?  I’ve often described the transitory short term impacts of shale as being like the circus coming to town. Inevitably, the circus leaves. So too with shale. After initial drilling, visual disruption and truck movements, what remains, and was it worth the price? Is there a shale hangover?

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Greenpeace and the Arctic. It could have been them. But it wasn’t

This quote from Oscar Wilde comes to mind, and unfortunately will do so again, in considering Greenpeace’s campaign against Arctic oil drilling. “There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”b8868c1735d73730cd7e4a5f64db1f9b

The words of a more recent Anglo Irish poet also come to mind, this from Morrissey: We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

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