Unconventional Gas: The New Normal

crazy the new normal mousepadBelieve it or not, but it’s only a few years ago since shale gas was called “unconventional”, and to some it still is, with all the scare stories attached. The difference is merely geological, but the latest figures from the US show calling shale “unconventional” is also illogical.

This from the US Energy Information Agency shows the charts that we’re almost yawning at. But I haven’t played “How big a number is that?” recently and two conclusions are amazing.

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Fracking: the new thought crime

mb thoughtcrimeAs study after study places most alleged shale gas impacts within the realm of the fanciful, apocalyptic rhetoric fires a dwindling band of true believers even more, causing some anti-frackers to implode and take legitimate progressive concerns down with them. 

The failure of the reality based community in the face of illogic was underlined in these words from the original long term f***er exploiters of the earth represented by the UK National Farmer’s Union. Scientists and farmers should know better:

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